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Data protection principles and requests to modify your personal information

●As a user of the services provided by the company Les Petits Chaussons Noel Kids, you can modify your personal data when logged into your account .

● If you wish to delete your account, you can also do so when logged in (please be beware that you will not be able to recover your account and will lose your order history, loyalty points, discount codes, etc. However, you can always create a new account).

  • You can also export your personal information when logged into your account.
  • Please contact our data protection team if your wish to access, obtain, rectify or delete your personal information.


This page explains Les Petits Chaussons Noel Kids's guidelines for collecting different types of customer data. These guidelines are explained in detail in Les Petits Chaussons Noel Kids's data protection principles.

This page also outlines Les Petits Chaussons Noel Kid's commitments regarding the data protection and security policy with the aim of respecting your privacy to the greatest extent possible.


To ensure comprehension, here are definitions of some of the commonly used terms:

  • Personal data: any information related to an identified or identifiable private individual is deemed to be 'an identifiable private individual; a private individual who can be identified either directly or indirectly.
  • Processing: any operation or all operations carried out with or without the aid of automated processes on some or all personal data (collection, recording, transfer, storage, retention, extraction, consultation, use, linking, segmentation, etc.).

Data controller

Any processing of personal information provided to Les Petits Chaussons is carried out under

responsibility of Les Petits Chaussons -Noel Kids company - 6 Avenue d'Helmstedt - 35500 Vitré - France excluding overseas departments and territories SIRET code: 797 866 266 RCS (French Registry of Commerce and Companies) RENNES

How do we collect your personal data?

Collection of personal information (such as name and contact details) is usually based on customer relations or any other relevant relation with us. For example, we collect data when you perform tasks using our services, when you sign up as a user on our website, when you use Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids services or when you provide us with other information.

When you use Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kid's network and communication services, for example by making a phone call, creating an account or sending an email, the identification data is stored in our systems for services use. When you visit the Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids websites or load pages, you provide us with different types of anonymous browsing data, such as your IP address and your browser history. The functioning of our services is based on the use of cookies. We can collect data with your consent. We record calls to our customer service department in order to verify the actual conversation, where necessary. We also collect data from potential customers when they take part in competitions, prize draws or customer events.

What data do we collect?

The data we collect includes your name, surname, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, direct marketing and consent information, company contact information, company name, information provided by you, customer classification, order, delivery, agreement and billing information. We store data that can be linked to you.

When you browse the internet, 'measurement data' is collected with the help of cookies. This data can be linked to a person.

The customer information that we collect helps us to personalise and continuously improve your shopping experience on the Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids website. We use this data to process orders; deliver products and services; process payments; communicate information to you regarding your orders and our products, services and promotional offers; retain and update our records and thus your accounts with us; make content available to you such as wish lists and customer reviews and recommend products and services that are likely to be of interest to you. We also use this information to improve our stores and websites, prevent and detect fraud or abuse of our website and to allow third parties to provide technical, logistical and other functions to our account.

The types of information that we collect:

Information that you provide to us

We collect and record all information that you provide to us via our website or by other means. You can choose not to provide certain types of information, but this may limit your use of our services.

We use the information that you provide to us to respond to your requests, to personalise your future shopping experience, to improve our services and to communicate with you, amongst other things.

Information collected automatically

Every time that you contact us, we receive and record certain types of information. Like many other website, we use 'cookies' and receive certain types of information when your browser accesses the Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids website or content displayed on other websites by Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids or its account .

Information related to emails

To maximise the usefulness and interest of our emails, we receive confirmation when you open an email sent by Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids, if your computer allows this. If you don't wan to receive emails from us, you can update your preferences via your account.

How do we manage your information?

Please note that the staff members at Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids and its subsidiaries are subject to an obligation of secrecy when processing any data related to you. We keep your personal data confidential and ensure that it is not used for any purposes not previously specified. We process your data with the aim of providing and delivering communications and other agreed services, developing these services, providing the best and most comprehensive service possible and keeping you updated on our services. We also use your data in our communication with customers, such as sending them information about our services and for direct marketing purposes.

We also use the data for customer profiling with the help of billing, usage amounts, duration of customer relationship and external classification information. We also use both usage data summaries and person-specific data to create target groups for marketing purposes. We process data from potential customers for direct marketing purposes. We strive to ensure that our customer data is always correct and up to date. We delete out-of-date and unhelpful data whenever possible. We protect all data relating to you by means of task-based personal access rights. We also prevent third parties from accessing this data.

Who do we send your data to?

We can only submit data to authorities and other telecommunications companies to the extent permitted by the applicable legislation and as specified in the file description. When we work with subcontractors, we sign a security agreement with them which also covers the use of your data. We are also assume responsibility for this kind of manipulation on your behalf.

Les Petits Chaussons - Easy Peasy's data protection principles

The aim of this data protection policy is to outline the principles and practices that Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids adheres to in order to guarantee privacy protection, confidentiality of communication and legal protection for our clients.

Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids regularly updates this policy as operations and services change or develop. For this reason, we encourage you to regularly consult the latest declaration. Les Petits Chaussons Noel Kid's core values include confidentiality of customer data and communication and the protection of customer privacy in all company operations. We follow French legislation, the orders and instructions of authorities and data processing best practices when manipulating customers' personal information.

Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids ensures a high level of data protection. Personal data, identifying data and data linked to location are collected only for specific, predefined, legal purposes and are never treated in a manner that is incompatible with these objectives. We protect your personal information during transfer by using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) software which encrypts the information that you have provided before it is transferred.

We maintain physical and electronic security measures and backup procedures in connection with the collection, retention and communication of our customers' personal information. Our security procedures may require us to ask you for proof of identity in order to be able to pass on your personal information. We continuously train our staff on the principles of data processing and monitor the usage of this data using the appropriate means.

General principles of customer data management

The processing of personal data must always be justified for Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids operations.

Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids defines the aim of collection, manipulation and submission of personal data in the following section.

Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids only processes customer data necessary for its operations, in accordance with the purposes of use specified in the file description of customer records. We try very hard not to process incorrect, incomplete or unhelpful data. The processing of customer data is generally based on a relevant connection, information received during use, subscription to a service or your consent. We also process your data for other reasons e.g. at your request or when the law obliges us to do so. Your information may be processed within Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids company. We encourage our customers to regularly update their contact details.

We record conversations with our customer services department to verify commercial transactions, to respond to your requests and to monitor and improve the quality of the service provided. Please note that as a Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids customer, you have the right to check what data pertaining to you is stored in our information systems, or if we have any data related to you on file. You can also refuse us permission to use your data in line with the relevant legislation. This review can be carried out once a year without incurring a fee. Both you and Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids must sign a document for any data review requests.

Collection, retention, extraction and processing of personal data

Recording of data collected directly via Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kid's services:

Contact form

  • Data collected: email and message
  • Reason for collection: customer relations management
  • Data retention location: recorded in database
  • Retention duration: 1 year
  • Data access: Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids customer relations department
  • Is data stored or processed outside the EU: No

Customer account creation

  • Data collected: name, surname, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, direct marketing and consent information, company contact information, company name, information provided by you, customer classification information, order, delivery, agreement and billing information. We store data that can be linked to you.
  • Reason for collection: Order/Order tracking/Address/Returns/Get/

Loyalty management

  • Data retention location: recorded in database
  • Retention duration: duration of customer lifetime/customers inactive for more than 2 years are deleted
  • Data access: logistics department (in part; only data related to the processing and dispatch of your order)/marketing department/customer services department
  • Is data stored or processed outside the EU: No

Recording of data transferred to a subcontractor via Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids services:


  • Service provider information:
  • Service provider location: France
  • Reason for collection: email marketing
  • Is data stored or processed outside the EU: No
  • Service provider GDPR notice:


  • Service provider information:
  • Service provider location: France
  • Reason for collection: email marketing
  • Is data stored or processed outside the EU: No
  • Service provider GDPR notice:


  • Service provider information:
  • Service provider location: Finland
  • Reason for collection: email marketing + remarketing
  • Is data stored or processed outside the EU: No
  • Service provider GDPR notice:


  • Service provider information:
  • Service provider location: USA
  • Reason for collection: log in to your customer account via your Facebook account
  • Is data stored or processed outside the EU: Yes
  • Service provider RGDP notice:

Sending and sharing data

Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids cannot submit data to third parties in accordance with the applicable legislation. We submit data to authorities such as the police and security authorities on request, as well as to other authorities for reasons specified in the relevant legislation. Information pertaining to our customers constitutes an important part of our business and as such we do not trade it. We only share this information for the reasons previously outlined and for the purposes explained in this confidentiality policy with Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids which are either subject to this confidentiality policy or enforce rules that are at least as protective as those detailed in this privacy policy. Moreover, we may submit your data to subcontractors, in which case we ensure that the confidentiality of this data is maintained, and we are also responsible for the management of the data in this event. If we process your data outside the EU, we protect your data by ensuring that the subcontractor guarantees the appropriate processing of this data.

Processing of identification and location data linked to electronic communication

Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids treats all data and messages from communication as confidential. Our staff are subject to an obligation of secrecy and are forbidden from using messages or other confidential information. When communication is made via a network, it always leaves a footprint. This network footprint is known as identification data if it can be linked to a person. A network footprint is created by making telephone calls, sending electronic messages and SMS and browsing the web amongst other things; and may contain information about the correspondents, the connection route or routing, the data transfer protocol employed, the event and the terminals used or their location.

Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids manages identification and location information in accordance with the applicable legislation for purposes such as the implementation and use of services, billing and technical development.consent, marketing. Data may also be used to the extent required to bill other service providers.

Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids may also manage identification data in the event of inappropriate use, data security breaches and fault repair.

In the situations listed above, we process identification and location data only to the extent required to complete a specific task.

Use of location data

An actual location method whereby one person can follow or locate another necessitates the consent of the person to be located. The customer cannot be located if they reject geolocation services. If we submit location information to location service providers, we use the appropriate means to ensure the consent of the person to be tracked.

Duration of identification and location data processing and storage

We process identification and location data for as long as necessary for the purposes of billing, technical development, fault repair, marketing, enquiries into inappropriate usage and data security. However, this manipulation is only carried out to the extent required for this activity and without unduly compromising the confidentiality of the message and privacy protection. We store data required for billing purposes for at least a year starting from the billing deadline and for a period of no more than three years starting from the billing deadline, except if we need to retain this data for a longer time period. linked to the collection of the bill. Otherwise, data is stored to the extent permitted and required by the relevant legislation.

Websites, visit tracking

We also collect data relating to website visits. This data includes the IP address and corresponding DNS server, the organisation who registered the IP address, the name and address of the page visited, the page loading time and the browser type.

Please note that IP addresses are a type of required identification for internet use, used to direct messages sent via the internet to the appropriate places. As a rule, an IP address is not linked to the person using the computer, but it can be linked to the organisation who registered the IP address. The IP address connection can be established on the request of the authorities.


As a Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids customer, you can browse our websites anonymously.

However, like the majority of websites, we use cookie technology.

When you view our website, the cookie assigns a random number to the browser which cannot be used to identify you. Cookies help Les Petits Chaussons Noel Kids to determine the most popular parts of its websites, what pages visitors navigate to and how much time they spend there. The data is used to implement and develop services and to create targeted ads on websites. You can prevent the storage of cookies by changing your browser settings. In some cases, preventing cookies may slow down or make it possible to browse web pages and sites.

Data security

We guarantee data security for our services by using methods proportional to the severity and sophistication of the threat as well as to the cost.

Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids takes care to implement the necessary measures to prevent data security breaches and to eliminate disruptions which affect data security. Furthermore, we take the necessary precautions to guarantee message confidentiality and to ensure that the protection of privacy is not unduly compromised during the implementation of the measures outlined above.

We provide information on the measures related to data security for our services and other matters related to data security by means of the appropriate channels, such as our website or customer newsletters.

In order to prevent data security breaches and eliminate disruptions affecting data security, we can, amongst other things, prevent the reception of electronic messages, delete viruses and other malware in messages and implement other similar technical measures. necessary measures to the extent authorised and required

as specified in the relevant legislation. We implement physical, technical and administrative measures to keep messages and identification data transferred via communication networks secret. These measures reduce the risk of the data concerned being divulged to third parties and prevent all inappropriate usage or unauthorised access. Some of our services also employ standard encryption methods. Please note that as a Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids service user, you can also apply the most appropriate methods to ensure your own data security. We encourage you to store and use our services and your terminals with care and to monitor their use; for example, by using secure codes and unique passwords, employing antivirus software and adequate firewalls and by regularly updating your operating system.

Customer communication and direct marketing

Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids sends messages relating to its products and services to its customers according to the consent specified on the customer account. Les Petits Chaussons -Noel Kids also sends direct marketing messages in electronic format. You have to right to prohibit Les Petits Chaussons - Noel Kids from sending direct marketing messages to you. You can also prohibit marketing by following the instructions provided in the direct marketing message or via your client account on our website

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